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Nagesh Nagesh Kamble Sr. Office Help
Nagesh Kamble Sr. Office Help I am working with this company for more than 14 yrs and I consider the company as my second home where I spend most of my time here.
Ramji Ramji Prajapati Office Help
Ramji Prajapati Office Help I am in this company for more than 4 years and no one has ever shown me the unfairness. Thriam taught me that "No job is small in this corporate world"
Sangeeta-Manager Sangeeta Madkar Assistant General Manager
Sangeeta Madkar Assistant General Manager Being with Thriam over past 24 years of work journey have faced N’ number of hurdles. But without a supportive mentor and outstanding staff wouldn't have been able to achieve success for the company and myself. Thriam encourages people to explore their caliber.
Rudresh-Accounts Rudresh Pattara Key Accounts Manager
Rudresh Pattara Key Accounts Manager I had joined back 6 yrs as an accountant in Thriam today I am working as Key accounts manager- BD. Work culture is appreciable having Supportive mentor, great co-workers. Also give us positive vibes which feel independent to work at office hours.
Tushar Tushar Chille Quality Executive
Tushar Chille Quality Executive Company treats employee with fairness and equality, as there is “no work Politics”. Other than that, Thriam also encourages and gives opportunity to work independently and prove ourselves.
Trupti Trupti A HR Executive
Trupti A. HR Executive The company encourages to pick-up skills which are helpful for an employee to distinguish their career inside and outside.Mostly an employee wants pleasant work environment, supportive/friendly co-workers in an organization & Thriam fills all the bridges over it.
Ashwini-admin Ashwini More Sr. Administration Officer
Ashwini More Sr. Administration Officer There is good scope of learning and to showcase the skill. With great working environment and enthusiasm staff members allow us to give best instead of better.
Sachin Sachin Sonawane Factory In-Charge
Sachin Sonawane Factory In-Charge Being part with Thriam for 16 yrs, still I feel I am the new joiner coz every day I am learning new things, facing new challenges at work place and this encourage me in my professional and in personal growth which give me the sign of “Never to give-up”
Sarika Sarika Jadhav Sr. Quality Engineer
Sarika Jadhav Sr. Quality Engineer For the last 2 yrs, I am working with Thriam, and being part of the production team, the work culture is very smooth. Yes, day-to-day work pressure is unavoidable but with supportive co-workers and understanding mentors, the daily work routine is happily manageable.
Shravan Sharavan Kumar Plant Head
Sharavan Kumar Plant Head The most amazing thing about the company is the hustle for growth. As a part of production team, the daily work demands solution at every stage which is challenging and keeps every employee at an "A" game.
Sarjan Sarjan Sonar Sr. Accountant
Sarjan Sonar Sr. Accountant I am a Senior Accountant at Thriam Group of Industries for the last 4 yrs and have gained great experience here.The company encouraged me to learn new aspects of accounting and finance and the proficiency which I have gained here has been very valuable to me in all virtues.
Megha Megha kadam Account Executive
Megha Kadam Account Executive The day at work goes very smooth, I am learning a lot in this company. Great place to work and very good environment.
Sharon Sharon Alvares Jr. Account Executive
Sharon Alvares Jr. Account Executive Being a fresher working in Thriam Groups of Companies comforts me to upgrade my abilities and knowledge. In the last three months, I got to learn a lot. Overall, I am possessing great working experience at Thriam Group of Companies.
Tushar Tushar Dhabe Digital Marketing Executive
Tushar Dhabe Digital Marketing Executive It's a good company for freshers that motivates to learn new things. Awesome work-life balance with no limitation of on-site opportunities. Encouraging seniors who value their employees in a pleasant way. Overall good management with a supportive team.
Absar Absar Ahmad Sr. Developer
Absar Ahmad Sr. Developer I am working with Thriam since 2019, and I learn so many new things from this company. I have made a lot of progress in my skills since joining this company.
Sharad Sharad Elkapeli Jr. Full-Stack Developer
Sharad Elkapeli Jr. Full-Stack Developer I am working for Thriam Realty Pvt. Ltd. and it's been a good expertise. They are doing a good job at obtaining you the most effective position potential. I actually have very idolized operating with seniors. Super friendly and nice company to learn and excel.
Vishal Vishal Mhatre Social Media Executive
Vishal Mhatre Social Media Executive Office culture and new learnings are the greatest assets for any company and I'm delightedly experiencing it. Thriam provides me the wide range of opportunities to work, so I can surely say “Every day is a new learning day.”
Shahil Shahil Chaudhari Graphic Designer
Shahil Chaudhari Graphic Designer This company is really moving, with some exciting and transformative projects. It may not be the place if you want to be a passive passenger but if you want to have meaning in your work and want to be involved in making a difference, there can be no better place.
Sarvesh Sarvesh Singh Trainee Engineer
Sarvesh Singh Trainee Engineer Thriam is a place for learning and also applying. Superiors are like mentors when it comes to teaching.
pappu Papu Doley Shop Supervisor
Papu Doley Shop Supervisor Great opportunities for advancement, systematic work culture, and encouraging senior management.
Shyam ShyamKumar S Trainee Engineer
ShyamKumar S Trainee Engineer I like this company. The company is open to innovation and readily adopts latest technology. I love the fact that I am a part. Of steam that markets reliable high quality product and has a global client base.
mithun mithun Madhukumar CEO
mithun Madhukumar CEO Engineering, A war won by quality.
Minu Minu Madhukumar CEO- Business Development/Revenue
Minu Madhukumar CEO- Business Development/Revenue Like the game soccer, Business is not a solo game to play. A good team leads you to achieve uncommon results. And so when hiring " I Look For Passionate People" that's something which can't be taught.

Why we Hire

Like Steve Jobs once said “It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

Job Opportunities

Business development Executive:

       The Business Development Executive is responsible for generating leads, advancing the sales process, closing new business, and achieving/assisting in the achievement of opportunity ­based sales quotas. The Business Development Executive has to conduct research to identify leads and reach business targets through telephone, email, webinars, and in person. This individual has to also actively participate in the planning and execution of company marketing activities providing vital input based on his/her interactions with prospects.

Job Duties:-

·        Cold­call prospects that are generated by external sources of lead.

·        Develop sales opportunities by researching and identifying potential accounts.

·        Identify decision makers within targeted leads to begin the sales process.

·         Penetrate all targeted accounts and radiate sales from within the client base.

·         Collaborate with appropriate team members to determine necessary strategic sales approaches

·         Create and deliver qualified opportunities to other team members

·         Maintain and expand the company’s database of prospects.

·         Ensure follow­-up by passing leads to appropriate team members with calls­-to­-action, dates, complete profile information, sources, etc.

·         Set up and deliver sales presentations, product/service demonstrations, and other sales actions

·        Assist in creating RFP responses to potential clients.

·         Where necessary, support marketing efforts such as trade shows, exhibits, and other events.

·         Make outbound follow­-up calls to existing clients via telephone and email cross­-sell and up­sell.

·         Handle inbound, unsolicited prospect calls and convert them into sales.

·         Overcome objections of prospective customers.

·         Emphasize product/service features and benefits, quote prices, discuss credit terms and prepare sales order forms and/or reports.

·         Enter new customer data and update changes to existing accounts in the corporate database.

·         Attend periodic sales training where applicable.

·         Appropriately communicate brand identity and corporate position.


·        Strong knowledge of sales principles, methods, practices, and techniques.

·        Strong problem identification and objections resolution skills.

·        Able to build and maintain lasting relationships with customers.

·        Exceptional verbal communication and presentation skills.

·        Excellent listening skills. Strong written communication skills.

·        Able to perform basic calculations and mathematical figures.

·        Ability to travel and attend sales events or exhibits.

·        Ability to work individually and as part of a team.

·        High level of integrity and work ethic.

·        Experience with customer relationship management software.

Working Conditions:-

·         Some travel may be required

·         Ability to attend and conduct presentations

·         Manual dexterity required to use desktop computers and peripherals.

·         Overtime as required.

Location:- Ahmednagar

No. of Post :- 01

HR cum recruiter:

Job Duties:-

  • Develops, facilitates, and implements all phases of the recruitment process.
  • Collaborates with department managers to identify and draft detailed and accurate job descriptions and hiring criteria.
  • Identifies and implements efficient and effective recruiting methods and strategies based on the available role, industry standards, and the needs of the organization.
  • Assists with job posting and advertisement processes.
  • Screens applications and selects qualified candidates.
  • Schedules interviews; oversees preparation of interview questions and other hiring and selection materials.
  • Assists with the interview process, attending and conducting interviews with managers, directors, and other stakeholders.
  • Collaborates with the hiring manager and/or other human resource staff during the offer process, identifying and recommending salary ranges, incentives, start dates, and other pertinent details.
  • Ensures compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws and regulations, and company policies.
  • Attends and participates in college job fairs and recruiting sessions.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


Work Experience:-

  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or related field, or equivalent work experience, required.
  • Good communication skills and vocabulary
  • Minimum 1 year's experience in recruitment.

Location:- Mumbai

No. of Post :- 01

Tool room Die maker

        Tool and die makers are needed in many manufacturing industries, and people in this profession can find employment in a number of factories and tool shops.

Job Description:

Reading and interpreting blueprints, design schematics, and CAD drawings.

·        Visualizing and computing metal shapes and tolerances.

·        Designing jigs and templates as work aids in the fabrication of parts.

·        Measuring and marking metal stock for machining.

·        Setting up machine tools such as drills, lathes, grinders, and milling machines.

·        Cutting and shaping blocks to specified dimensions.

·        Filling, grinding and shimming metals to ensure a smooth finish.

·        Fitting and assembling tools and die parts.

·        Inspecting finished dies and tools for defects, smoothness, and contour deformities.

·        Conducting test runs with completed tools and dies.

Position - Tool Room die maker

Education - Diploma in Tool & Die Making from NTTF
Experience – 2-5 years.
Job Location: Ahmednagar MIDC

Skills Requirements:-
  •         Problem-Solving – Tool and die makers spot potential problems before they happen and troubleshoot tools and equipment on a daily basis.

  •         Communication – They give written and verbal reports frequently, which requires the ability to communicate clearly.

  •        Mathematical ability – Tool and die makers also use many complex calculations, so people in this field must have a working knowledge of geometry, trigonometry, and algebra.

  •         Autonomy – Tool and die makers frequently work with engineers and machinists, but they must also be able to work independently with little supervision in order to complete their daily tasks.

  •         Metallurgic knowledge – These professionals also work with a vast variety of metals and metallic objects, so it is essential for them to understand the properties of metals and have experience working with many types of metal.

Location:- Ahmednagar MIDC

No. of Post :- 01

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