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  • Kreativ Matka

    Be it Manufacturing Industry, Construction Company, MSME’s or any MNC’s now-a-days every business is transitioning towards digitization. Everyone admits that today in 2021, pre- and post- pandemic world to cope up the evolving market there is no alternative then to prioritize Digital Marketing.

    The question is where to start from? Start with transformational thinking. Approach “Kreativ Matka"

    Kreativ Matka is a contemporary media agency with an Indian aura. Our main focus is to empower MSMEs. Kreativ Matka has a mission to make it possible for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to digitally transform and embrace digitization by promoting their business and educating them. As our roots come from MSME hence understanding of the arena is deep.

    Pioneering will not be KM's focus but to place a fine-tuned platter of services.
  • Growcia


    Every business today needs to be on social media for their brand growth. In today's busy life, it is very difficult to stay active and make regular posts on social media. This is where social media tools come in handy.

    Our social media tool Growcia is one of the best social media scheduling tool that can help you save time and publish a balanced mix of content across the social networks to engage your audience at the right time on the right platform.

    It helps you in :

    • Scheduling content across various platforms.
    • Analyzing all the insights of posted content.
    • Ability to post on multiple accounts from single dashboard.

    Growcia's website contains a bunch of blogs that allow you to increase your digital, social and, marketing knowledge by reading various types of informative blogs.

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