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Soft-i Technology

We provide simple innovative and global quality LED lighting solution. Enabled with Soft-i Technology.

Thriam led a brand by Thriam group of Industries started in 2015 with wide range of led lighting products.Soft-I technology from Thriam LED is a unique feature to protect your eyes. The students and working community are often forced to wear spectacles due to the harmful rays of electric light, which is directly or indirectly harmful to their eyes.

1. Ultra-violet UV rays are present in normal electric lamps, which can cause many problems. Apart from effecting your eyes, they can cause freckling, sunburn and skin ailments.

2. Most electrical lights generate some amount of heat and therefore they emit infrared (IR) rays. These rays could be potentially harmful to human eyes, if they are present in concentrated form.

In order to reduce your probability of using spectacles in future, adopt Thriam LED Lights with Soft-i technology.

Thriam LED Lights only emit illuminating soothing light without the harmful UV and IR rays.

Thriam LED Soft-i technology works for you in all possible places - whether be it your workplace or your home or any other bright lit commercial area.

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