Bulk moulding compound in india
Bulk moulding compound
Fibre glass will emerge as the next century reliable plastic

Moulding Compound

SMC / DMC is a high-strength glass fibre reinforced thermoset moulding material. This type of material is compression moulded using heated mould tools under high pressure on large hydraulic machines. Sheet moulding compound or Dough moulding composite is a ready-to-mould glass-fibre reinforced polyester material.
Sheet moulding compound (SMC)
Best quality fibre glass enforced sheet moulding compound suitable for all your compression moulding and thermoset moulding needs.
SMC manufactured by our company is used by customers to manufacture electrical products such as switchgears, circuit breakers, distribution boxes, etc.
Glass percentage customization available.
Dough moulding compound (DMC)
Glass-fiber reinforced Bulk moulding compound (BMC) or dough moulding compound (DMC) used in compression moulding. Applications include electrical products, corrosion resistant needs, appliance, automotive, and transit.