Thermoplastic : Plastic injection moulding service in India

Injection Moulded Parts

Injection Moulded Parts

Injection moulding services with capacity ranging from 80 Ton to 160 Ton. We are capable of manufacturing highly aesthetic, precision and high volume products for electrical and non-electrical industries.

Injection moulded Surface box manufactured with HIPS on 110 Ton engel machine Plastic moulded ABS product on 80 Ton injection moulding machine Molded Bushing cover for control panel assembly Container moulded in PBT for electrical application 2 module surface box manufacturing for Legrand Injection moulding for electrical switchgear products Thermoplastic electrical part manufacturing Plastic Injection Moulding Services in India Best Thermoplastic manufacturer in India Plastic moulding for switches and socket Plastic moulding production services for all types of plastic products OEM for injection moulding products Moulding Thermosplastic Product High quality injection moulding Injection molding for engineering products Plastic molding product Injection molding manufacturing company Injection Molded product Manufacturing Company Control panel parts manufactured in black ABS Thermoplastic injection molding product

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