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Mold design

Thirty plus years of working in the thermoset and thermoplastic industry allowed us to develop a seamless and time saving design process. Our on ground experience of mold manufacturing and molding has helped us in designing time efficient mold that can be manufactured within 3 to 4 weeks for T0.
We design molds by using the best standard materials in the market.

Product design

Product design is about understanding the customer requirements, material and manufacturability. We have worked with customs who only have the sample or 2D drawing to create 3D designs of the product to adding features in a existing design as per customs needs. Our motto on the product design front is to always focus of consulting first, advising right and then deliver a efficiently designed product. Product designing is a technical as compared to 3D modeling.

CAM or CNC program

CAM or Computer Aided Manufacturing took the manufacturing world by storm. Life became easy with CAM and CNC coming in the manufacturing picture. Product manufacturing became a lot easier the programming our CAM exports are a team of CNC operators turned programmers who vision the product on the machine first then develop the way to machine it. Our programmers have 90% success rate in aerospace and defence jobs.
We are an expert in reducing process time by 12 to 15% by modifying the existing Programs.


Complementing Services

3D Printing

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing, Came as a vertical integration opportunity to us. Product development today has changed the way if used to happen. 3D printing as a service complemented our aggressive expansion of design service. Our Company is capable of providing 3D printed products in FDM and SLS technology.

Mold Manufacturing

Mold manufacturing is one of our core service offering. We have 30+ years experience in manufacturing compression mold for SMC/ DMC/ Bakelite and Plastic injection molds for engineering and non engineering plastics. We are capable of manufacturing multi-cavity hot runner and cold runner molds.

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